Pre-Defense to Publication: A Checklist

This detailed, step-by-step guide shows you the steps you need to take in order to maximize your journey through the Thesis Office. Following the steps in this document will greatly help you understand the Thesis Office process and effectively prepare your manuscript.

Post-defense - Thesis Manuscript Workflow

30-minute consults

Check availability and schedule 30 minute consultations with Trista Emmer for general questions, template questions, formatting questions, and help with Word.

Via zoom
In person

For office hours and workshops visit Events and Workshops.


We can provide expedited processing for students who anticipate meeting a specific deadline. Follow this link for more information on expediting your manuscript.


How to Avoid Format Rejection

Target Dates and Defense

This video gives an overview of the Thesis Office deadlines, the correct procedure for getting through the editing process, and handy tips for preparing your submission.

July 20, 2021: n.b. The dates mentioned in this video have been recently updated to reflected the accelerated manuscript clearance times and later target dates for manuscript submission during the semester. The video will be updated in Fall Semester 2021.

Manuscript Tracking

Refer to this video to learn how to navigate the Thesis Office’s online tracking tool to determine where your manuscript is in the Thesis Editor’s reading queue.

Word Template

This video walks you through the basics of the Thesis Office’s Word Template for theses and dissertations.