Thesis Manuscript Tracking

Thesis Manuscript Tracking Access for Graduate Students

NOTE: The Manuscript Tracking website is currently down for upgrades. Please check back soon.

To log into the thesis manuscript tracking web page, please use the following link: (The link is currently down for upgrades – please check back soon).

This brings up the following page:

Thesis Tracking Login Page

Log in with your UID and password.

You will now see the manuscripts location in the queue (pictured below), the number will decrease as manuscripts ahead of the student’s are processed.

Queue sample page

The manuscripts status and history are also displayed with the following fields:

Received: This is the date that the manuscript was received at the thesis office.

Status: The status of the submission. Possible statuses are:

  • Pending: Currently in queue to be processed.
  • Preliminary Review: This was a preliminary review of the manuscript.
  • Corrections: The manuscript has been processed and is being returned to the student for corrections.
  • OS Corrections: The oversized manuscript (over 200 pages) has been processed and is being returned to the student for corrections.
  • Format Approval with Corrections: The manuscript has received format approval and requires only minor corrections.
  • Format Approval: The manuscript has received format approval.


Submission Type: There are three submission types:

  • Preliminary Review: The manuscript was turned in for only a preliminary review. This could occur early in the writing process.
  • First Submission: The manuscript’s first submission towards format approval.
  • Revised Submission: The manuscript has been resubmitted with the required changes.

Date Ready: The thesis office has reviewed the manuscript and has placed it in one of the above statuses. The manuscript is now ready to be picked up by the student.

For feedback and help contact:

Jason Stidd