Conference Travel

Presentations at academic conferences are crucial to your professional development as a graduate student. Conferences are a great way to present your research to scholars in your field. Conferences allow space for constructive criticism and professional networking. We have provided several conference travel funding options below.


Departmental or Graduate Program Funding 

Departments/programs may set aside monies for conference travel assistance for their graduate students. It allows departments to send graduate students to showcase new, innovative research and graduate students who are or will be on the market. We encourage you to talk with your supervisory committee chair, your director of graduate studies, or your department chair to learn how they administer and award funding for conference travel.


Graduate School Student Travel Assistance Award

Applications are invited from currently enrolled University of Utah graduate students whose research or creative project has been accepted for presentation at a professional meeting. This assistance is contingent upon the applicant presenting at the meeting. Applications must be received in The Graduate School prior to travel dates. For more information and to download an application please follow the following link to the Graduate Student Travel Assistance Award at


Associated Students at the University of Utah

The Associated Students at the University of Utah (ASUU) often awards funds to students who will be traveling and presenting at conferences. Funding from ASUU is awarded through a Senate Bill Process that is facilitated by a senate representative for each college. ASUU has an informative video in how this process work through their website, You will also find contact information for your College Senator who can help you through the process of drafting a bill.


Travel Awards through Professional Associations 

Professional associations may promote graduate student participation in their annual meetings through their own travel awards. Associations may award travel funding to assist in airfare and/or lodging. Each association has a different application process for awarding funding for travel. If you are accepted to present at an association’s annual meeting, we encourage you to find out more about whether they offer travel awards and the process for applying.